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9 Growth Accelerators For Scaling A Video Production Business Fast...

About Den Lennie

I'm the founder of Filmmakers Business Academy, an online business development consultancy focussed on helping video production company owners grow a successful and consistent video production business. 

We've helped established video production companies drive hundreds of thousands in new revenue & opportunity to their business. We've also helped dozens more create a strategic plan, streamline their marketing and support them weekly to double or triple their revenue in as little as 90 days.

The reason I started the FBA was because I was frustrated at the amount of ‘one size fits all business coaching’ and no one really understood being a creative AND a business owner. I wanted to share what I had learned to help others.

My goal is to help boutique video production companies make more while working less and WITHOUT needing to hire a load of in-house staff.

If you are too heavily reliant on 1 or 2 key clients and find yourself the ‘bottleneck’ in your business - we are here to help.

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